Official Tigers’ meetups are happening for 2024! See below for our meetup schedule.

Our Season

Our season runs from early May to September, with meets typically held on Saturday mornings, approximately two to four times a month from 9-11 am. Occasionally, we also schedule meets on weekday evenings. Keep an eye on our website and Instagram for updated scheduled meets.

Parents, if your children are under 18, please stay with them at the skatepark for their safety. If you’re a late riser, don’t worry—join us whenever you can! We typically wrap things up after two hours or when the session starts winding down.

What to Expect at your First Meet

Tigers Skate Club is a casual community that believes in knowledge-sharing among everyone. We are a diverse group of individuals with varying abilities who are always willing to help, and while we do not offer formal lessons we do work hard to create a supportive learning atmosphere where we can all grow together.

Although our space prioritizes girls, women, and non-binary folks, we do occasionally collaborate with trusted male allies who support our club’s growth and provide coaching assistance when requested.

The best way to learn at the skatepark is to start slow, be patient, and practice. Take the time to set some goals, watch others, and ask questions. Also, don’t forget that a helmet and safety gear can also help boost your confidence.

So come on out and make sure to introduce yourself to us. We would love to meet you and help make the skatepark a more comfortable place for you to spend time at. Remember, there is no room for meanies in our club!

Safety, Equipment and Emergency Procedures

Safety is important to us. Helmets are mandatory for individuals 18 and under. Helmets are strongly recommended for individuals 19 and older. In case of an emergency, our lead team and volunteer first aiders will respond, activating our emergency action plan if necessary. Please keep your contact information up-to-date by emailing any changes to:

Aside from a helmet, you should bring a skateboard! We recommend bringing a traditional skateboard setup to our meets. If you need advice on where to go or what to get, just ask!


As an organization holding public events, we need to carry liability insurance in case of accident or injury. Part of that obligation is to ask people participating to sign a waiver. In addition, this information will be used in case of emergency and for member communication. Tigers Skate Club will not sell or share your personal information with anyone else.

To participate in Tigers meetups, you must fill out our waver: