Tigers x Source Collab Skateboard

The Source approached us with an exciting proposition – a joint venture to create a skateboard deck that would embody the spirit of our club and the broader skate community. We were deeply touched by their initiative and the immense effort they put into making this dream a reality. Their commitment to this project has been nothing short of inspiring!

The deck’s design was brought to life by the talented Mariah Barnaby-Norris, whose artistic vision perfectly captured the essence of our club. Her illustrations add a unique touch to the deck, making it not just a tool for skateboarding, but a piece of art.

This collaboration fill us with immense pride. It represents not just the collaboration between Tigers Skate Club and The Source, but also the vibrant and supportive skate community that we’re grateful to be a part of.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to The Source for their unwavering support and dedication to this project, and to Mariah for her stunning artwork. This collaboration is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together, and we’re excited to see where this journey takes us next.