About the Tigers

Founded in 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta, The Tigers Skate Club is a women and girls-based skateboarding club that hosts free weekly community meet-up sessions within the City of Edmonton and surrounding area skateparks and public spaces. We promote inclusivity, growth and support for women, girls and the LGBTQ+ community while fostering a safe environment.

The Club is led by Rosaleen Kulba and Denise Biziaev – founders, educators and community-minded individuals – who experienced the positive benefits of skateboarding first hand and remain inspired to share skateboard culture with other girls and women.

Rosaleen Kulba, a teacher within Edmonton Public Schools, enjoys using her skills to connect with youth to create change. Denise Biziaev, a mother of two and program coordinator for the University of Alberta, is passionate about providing opportunities for others to experience the positive, life-changing impact of skateboarding. Together, their goal is to provide an inclusive environment for individuals to learn and develop their skateboarding skills, while nourishing relationships and connections with other community members. Since the club’s inception, there has been an influx of girls, women and LGBTQ+ participation. Our club hosts a wide range of age groups, ranging from 4 through to 50 years of age, with a membership base of approximately 75 individuals.


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